New Abolitionists Radio: What Is Slavery? How Do You Define Slavery? How Does The 13th Define Slavery?

Tonight Max is off taking a much-deserved break from the airwaves while he regroups and focuses on his next moves which include an upcoming abolitionists trip to Ghana, Africa on the invitation of local abolitionists proving that the new abolitionist’s movement is an international movement just as it was prior to 1865. Sitting in for Max as host tonight will be new abolitionist Yusuf Hassan who will be doing a weekly segment on New Abolitionists Radio covering the amendments of the US Consitution.We’ll start tonight’s broadcast defining “slavery”. Why? Because there seems to be some debate about what constitutes slavery and that what abolitionist are calling slavery isn’t slavery. Perhaps we can get some clarification about the definition surrounding a word for an evil institution and practice that has existed in some form for centuries all over the planet. Also joining as a host tonight is Otis L Griffin, a Virginia Abolitionist researcher and member of the online group Move To Abolish 21st Century Slavery. Of course, we will be sharing some recent news related to modern slavery and human trafficking and get to our regular segments.

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