BTR News: Marcellus Williams Should Not Be Executed Considering Tons of Reasonable Doubt

A petition posted to the social change platform is seeking help in saving Marcellus Williams the executioner’s table where he was scheduled to be executed on Tuesday, August 22, 2017. Because of reasonable doubt raised by forensic evidence, Williams was able to gain a temporary stay of execution and his life still hinges on the action of one man, Missouri Governor Eric

The petition states in part, “He (Williams) was convicted of the August 11, 1998, robbery and murder of 42-year-old Felicia Gayle in her St. Louis home. But there is no physical evidence linking him to the crime – none of the DNA evidence matches Marcellus. He was convicted based on the testimony of two individuals with troubling pasts and who received significant consideration, including monetary compensation, from the prosecutor’s office.”

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