BTR News: Culture As A Weapon w/ Educator Benard Creamer

We will speak with Bernard Creamer from the NBLA & Clear The Airwaves Project about Culture As A Weapon. Bernard is a seasoned educator and administrator Plus a media literacy expert. He has been working with the Clear The Airwaves Project for several years and also works with the National Black Leadership Alliance!!

I’ll be on Black Talk Radio w/Scotty Reid this morning @ 11:15 representing the Clear the Airwaves Project and the National Black Leadership Alliance to discuss the media’s continuing onslaught against Black culture and communities.Black children aren’t born killers, druggies, misogynists, or date rapists..they have to be gradually convinced this is who they are… the media, along w a myriad of other functional entities and policies helps to create the child who believes him or herself to be a LOT less than who they are…..ALL of our children are born GENIUSES..we need to cultivate and protect their minds..”Black radio” only serves to corrupt their minds..we don’t own it.

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