BTR News: Do You Think About Slavery And What You Would Have Done?

Have you ever wondered what you would have done during the period of slavery in the United States prior to the civil war? Would you have been an active participant in the abolitionists’ movement of that time? Maybe you would have been a defender of the institution of slavery. Maybe you would have been silent on the issue and by that silence conveyed an unspoken consent to slavery until, like Solomon Northrop of 12 Years A Slave fame, it affected you personally.

According to the exception clause of the 13th Amendment of the US Consitution that allows the continuation of slavery through the prisons, you don’t have to wonder what you would do during legalized slavery.

Journalist Matthew T. Mangino in a piece titled “Prison labor: A legacy of involuntary servitude” writes, “Bureau of Prisons operates the Federal Prison Industries Program that pays inmates $0.90 an hour to produce everything from mattresses and spectacles to road signs for government agencies, earning the government about $500 million in sales in 2016, according to the Economist. Overall some estimate that prison labor generates about $2 billion of revenue annually for federal, state and local governments and private businesses.”

Prison slavery is a continuation of America’s original sin for which it refuses to repent and while claiming to be one nation under God, it is apparent that the god America worships the most is the good of money because like the Bible says, the love of money is the roots of all evil and nothing embodies that more than the nation with the world’s largest prison slave labor force that has hundreds of graven images in the form of monuments to those who unashamedly put slavery above humanity. Confederate monuments and the continuation of slavery are evidence that the South did not lose the war but given a new form of slavery to practice for a cessation of hostilities between wealthy and powerful white men in America.

As Max Parthas, a new abolitionist says, Slavery is a reason for a new revolution so we can finally know peace.

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