New Abolitionists Radio: Are you ready to end slavery in the USA?

Today is the November 1st, 2017 broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio.

As of this month, we are The official educational and introductory program representing the Millions For Prisoners Human Rights Coalition. If you want to know about the new abolitionist’s movement, what it is and what it’s about, this is officially the place to start.

• On this day in 1765, the British Parliament enacted the Stamp Act which eventually led directly to the Stamp Tax rebellions and finally the revolutionary war of Independence.

For nearly a decade between 1765 and 1775 colonialists resorted to rioting, burning, looting and committing acts of extreme violence against tax collectors, British officials, and colonists turned British cohorts.

This was the catalyst for the birth of America 252 years ago today.

• We are now 3 days away from November 4th. A day of national sustained rebellions organized by Antifa. The conspiracy theories are flying furiously and describing everything from an armed uprising by racists to a massive military EMP wave blackout. Let’s talk about it.

• We’ll also discuss how local jails have turned into “debtors’ prisons” as cities and counties imprison poor people who can’t pay fines for traffic violations, minor offenses or “court costs. We’ll play a clip from On Contact with Chris hedges interviewing Alex Vitale talking about that very issue and its rampant constitutional violations.

• Tonight, we want to go over the humanitarian crisis going on at McCormick Correctional Institution in South Carolina.

• Then we’ll discuss the convenient rewrite and whitewash of civil war history and slavery by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. No matter what you talk about the conversation keeps coming back to the white elephant in the room. Slavery.

• In business news, The GEO group “international prison slavery corporation” is giddy with how much money they are making and have done everything but give ICE a bouquet of roses and an award for being their #1 customer.

• Question. Did Abraham Lincoln know about convict leasing?
Answer. Your damned right he did. We’ll go over his private Letter to Alexander H. Stephens on December 22nd, 1860 and how that explains the 13th amendment.

• Our Abolitionist in Profile tonight is Elizabeth Freeman (1742-1829) Also Known As Mum Bett.

• In the segment ‘For Freedom’s Sake. A History of Rebellion.’ We will remember the November 15, 1842, rebellion of Joseph Vann’s slaves against their Cherokee masters.

• Our Rider of the 21st Century Underground Railroad is Bobby Hines of Detroit. Incarcerated at 15, Hines had been condemned to life in prison without parole. 28 years later His release came after the U.S. Supreme Court last year extended a ban on mandatory life without parole for juvenile offenders to those already in prison.

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