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On this day in 1811, the German Coast rebellion of Enslaved Africans occurred. In the end, over 400 enslaved people were forced back into bondage in New Orleans. Approximately Sixty-six were killed and their heads barbarically strung up along the roads of the city.

Also on today’s date, Florida seceded from the Union in 1861 and London’s Underground Metropolitan Railway began operations in 1863.

•Our abolitionist in profile is Lewis, Sherrard Leary (1835-1859)
Leary was one of several Black men killed during John Brown’s raid on the Harpers Ferry arsenal in October 1859. It was a defining moment in African American history.

•In the segment; A History of rebellion “For Freedom’s Sake”, we remember The Creole Case of (1841) The result when victims of American slavery revolted in November 1841 on board the Creole, a ship involved in the United States slave trade.

•Our Rider of the 21st-century Underground Railroad is Craig Coley, 70, who was wrongly convicted of the 1978 double-murder of a woman and her child. In November of 2017 v was released from prison on the basis of DNA evidence and was pardoned by California Governor Jerry Brown, in Simi Valley, California.

•As usual, we’ll dissect and disseminate current news and events related to 13TH amendment slavery from the perspectives of abolitionists.

We see you… Maryland’s frozen schools and hot new 35 million dollar juvi-prison. Pay to stay jails. The Sessions Reefer madness 2.0. We’ll talk about how and why Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow got banned and unbanned by NJ prisons in only a couple of hours. There’s a story about Prison guards going to prison for murder, The GEO Group lawsuit losses and much more. Along with offering the steady solution of Abolition, It’s all on our radar.

We already know what reform sounds like. Time for a new plan.

Quote: “…the common argument against abolitionists may be stated as follows: Let slaveholders alone, and they will emancipate their slaves, and that agitation only retards the progress of the slave’s liberation.” Unquote.
– Fredrick Douglass

Letter From Frederick Douglass To His Former Master, Thomas Auld.

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