New Abolitionists Radio: Special Guest Jimmie Gardner, Victim Of Slavery

Join Max Parthas, Scotty Reid, sometimes special guests, guest hosts, and callers from across the country as they discuss 21st Century Slavery and human trafficking as created by the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Special Guest: Jimmie Gardner – In 1989, while still working towards his business degree, Jimmie was arrested and charged with two separate counts of robbery and sexual assault; as well as burglary and assault-during-the-commission-of-a-felony. He did not commit the crimes and always maintained his innocence, however, he was put on trial in January 1990. Jimmie was found guilty a month later in February 1990 and was sentenced to 110 years in prison.

At Gardner’s 1990 criminal trial, the West Virginia State Trooper and Chief Serologist for the Division of Public Safety was the expert witness, and he knowingly presented false testimony which resulted in Gardner’s guilty verdict. Jimmie Gardner’s case is one of over 140 cases from the late 1970’s through the 1980’s, in which the state of West Virginia relied on falsified forensic evidence testimony by the Chief Serologist in order to convict. The state of was aware of his lack of qualifications as a serologist and DNA expert as early as 1985, and yet he was allowed to testify in Jimmie’s 1990 trial. Read the rest of Mr. Gardner’s story, a slavery survivor, and rider of the Above Ground Railroad.


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