BTR News: NCAA Says Prison Slavery Is Why They Don’t Have To Pay Athletes

It has been five days, two days past the normal three day lag of the corporate news media cycle and internet-based journalists are starting to wonder if the corporate news divisions are suppressing news related to a current civil lawsuit against the “National Collegiate Athletic Association” for practicing slavery against students. Attorneys for the NCAA attempting to have a federal lawsuit dismissed filed by former student-athlete Lawrence “Poppy” Livers, claimed colleges and universities don’t have to pay student-athletes because they are akin to prison slaves citing the 13th Amendment and seem to have no qualms about making this admission in court filings.

Former NCAA basketball legend Jalen Rose and current television sports analyst played for Michigan on a team known as The Fab Five which included Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson. Rose has called for players to boycott the upcoming March Madness basketball tournament for which the NCAA just received an $8.8 billion dollar deal with CBS to broadcast the tournament. Jalen Rose went further in on the “non-profit” organization by asserting that the NCAA is operating like a criminal organization that also engages in involuntary servitude against student-athletes.

While it is not clear on what allegations who was specifically speaking on but it seems he could be referring to two separate cases involving the NCAA. In addition to their appalling application of the 13th amendment to student-athletes, the FBI concluded a two-year investigation that resulted in 10 people being indicted thus far. Espn reports,

Sept. 26: The FBI and United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced the arrests of 10 men, including assistant coaches Person, Evans, Bland, and Richardson, in connection with fraud and corruption schemes under investigation since 2015. The federal officials alleged that the coaches took cash bribes from business managers and financial advisers in exchange for the coaches’ influence to direct selected players and their families to retain the services of the advisers who provided the bribes once the players entered the NBA.

Popular sports media personality Stephen A. Smith weighed in the allegations against the NCAA as well and did not have nice things to say about them.

There have been some calls to bring federal RICO charges against the NCAA and it’s member schools who are admitting in responding to Lawrence “Poppy” Livers’ federal lawsuit that their multi-billion dollar business enterprise is using slavery as its business model. Thus far, mainstream civil and human rights organizations are mute about the story perhaps because of the seeming media blackout so we will discuss this in depth tonight on BTR News.

There are also federal labor laws that should be interjected into the conversation since technically, college students, especially those still on their parents insurance or being carried as dependents by parents, are children and the college gym and football field is a work place where some of the winningest coaches are under multi-million dollar contract when every thing keys on the athlete’s performance.

We asked US Congressman John Lewis on Twitter about the story but he isn’t the only one who has not commented on this vile admission.

In other news…The US federal government and prison corporations were just given the green light by the United States Supreme Court to indefinitely detain civilians who may be facing non-criminal charges of being in the country without proper documentation. If reports are true then this means that according to this ruling, an undocumented immigrant could technically be held in a prison for their natural life on immigration charges. The potential for profits and exploitation of detainees is very high in the wake of this legal ruling.

What are your thoughts, do you agree with indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants or should they be granted bail in your opinion if there is no flight risk or danger to the communities they live.

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Lastly, can the social media-verse please stop with the incorrect and despicable memes that are claiming that there was no drama during the Obama administration because that would be blatantly untrue and not supported by the public record. Perhaps Obama himself has bought into the craze by using it to take shots at Donald Trump according to The Hill.

If you think the Obama administration was drama free then would have to be unaware or ignoring reports concerning several high profile policy decisions that caused quite a bit of drama and a lot of that Obama drama is still playing out in Libya today in the worst ways as a result of the actions of key members of the administration.

BTR News: Tune in to listen live at 6 pm est. Call in: 704-802-5056

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