Elgin, Illinois Cop Appears To Murder Woman He Knew Was Suffering From Mental Illness

BTR News (Elgin) – After first releasing an edited version of video involving a mentally ill woman named Decynthia Clements, Elgin police released hours of unedited video after activists and family members accused the city of editing video to fit their narrative to justify the deadly shooting.

The police initially showed patience with Clements after spending an hour trying to persuade her to exit the vehicle which had been blocked in after a chase. Lt. Christian Jensen, told the other officers he was in charge of the scene and even discussed non-lethal methods to take her into custody if she made certain movements after exiting the vehicle.

“If she does exit out of the vehicle, we’ll try to order her back,” Lt. Christian Jensen, the man who shot Clements, can be heard explaining in the footage. Jensen, who indicates he is “the boss” at the scene, tells the other officers: “If she does end up brandishing the knife, we’ll go with the 40, OK?” “40” is the police nickname for less-than-lethal rubber bullets. “And, if it ends up being closer, if she’s coming towards us, we’ll try to Tase her then,” Jensen says.

However, Clements sets her vehicle on fire and the inside begins to fill with smoke and once Clements does exit the vehicle to escape the fire and smoke, she is shot in the head and killed in less than a second by some estimates. Illinois State Police are investigating the shooting.


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