Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Says Africans Worse Than Terrorist Groups Gets Little Coverage In The US

BTR News (Israel) – The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being accused of racism, bigotry and specifically Afrophobia after suggesting in a speech to Israeli citizens that “infiltrators from Africa” are a greater threat than “attacks by terrorist” groups.

We’re talking about a Jewish and democratic state. How could we have guaranteed a Jewish-democratic state with 50,000 then 100,000, then 150,000 infiltrators each year?” Netanyahu remarked.

Others thought it was ironic given the history of persecution of European Jews that Netanyahu’s would openly express a desire for a purely “Jewish” state just as Germany’s Adolph Hitler expressed a desire for a purely Aryan state while complaining about non-Aryan’s destroying the country.

African refugees from war-torn nations and regions destabilized by the West have been seeking safety in Israel which is obligated under International treaties on refugees it has signed. However, once inside Israel, the refugees found themselves confronted with the same vicious racism in Israel that has affected Palestinians and Ethiopian Jews who are of course African.

Israel is the last country in the world with an overt apartheid system and was interestingly a friend to the apartheid government of South Africa and stood with them during the 80’s BDS movement. Because of its anti-Black and Afrophobic government policies, Israel finds itself a target of the international BDS movement.

What is shameful is that Israel is the number one benefactor of US tax dollars and weaponry and not a word about their racist policies towards Black people in Israel from the Congressional Black Caucause.

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