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The News.
Back in the 70’s and 80’s California was terrorized by what they called the Golden State Killer, East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker, and Visalia Ransacker. He was blamed for 12 murders, 45 rapes and the ransacking of more than 100 area homes. He eluded capture with little clues as to his identity until today. It turns out he was Joseph James DeAngelo, who had worked for two California police departments, TWO police forces.

The opinion.
I’ll keep it simple. Police are the most blinded group of people in America. Willfully ignorant. Purposely in denial and dangerously conditioned with logical fallacies, institutional racism, and selective reasoning. At least a dozen “Officers of the year”are in prison right now. It’s like they will let any sociopath, racist, rapist or genocidal maniac in the door and then act like they didn’t know later on. Seriously, there is a legal term called testilying because cops lie so damned much. The largest number of people in this country who are physically abused today by their spouse are cops wives.

“You can’t even run your own life and I’ll be damned if you run mine.” Sunshine -Jonathan Edwards

Literally. You and I would be damned. Beaten, framed, brutalized, demeaned and humiliated, falsely accused and put into a cell with real killers for something we never did. Facing a forced and extorted 95% guilty plea rate in the face of unconstitutional acts by the law violating our 6th amendment rights every day all day. Prisons are hells on earth filled with crimes against humanity and human trafficking. And yet… I remember when the presidents #1 fan and racist tv judge/sociopath Jeanine Pirro said the public should be trained on how to deal with the police. because.. you know. The taxpayer is the problem. Cops are the problem solvers.

To be blunt, ya’ll need to get your KKK infiltrated shit together or the “public” you betray every day is going to rise up on your ass.
Not a threat. A prediction. I’ve seen it before.

Final thought.
I bet not a single case he has ever worked on will be reviewed and not a single death he was involved with while in uniform or arrest he’s ever made will be scrutinized to see if anyone is left alive who suffered this criminals wrath. To find justice for the family of the dead.

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