New Abolitionists Radio: The United States Chose To Keep Practicing Slavery, Are You Choosing To Remain Ignorant About It?

Today is the May 9th, 2018 broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio in the last month of our 6th season.

• On and near this day in history.

May 9, 1800, John Brown, the abolitionist was born.
May 7th, 1914 – US Congress establishes “Mother’s Day.”
Also, on May 9th, 1982 my oldest son and namesake was born.
Happy birthday, son.

• Today is a free flow day. We’ll be building in a Socratic dialogue. During the program, I want to talk about the nation of Brazil and their newly formed for-profit prison industry. I believe that be seeing how this system we import globally works in a nation that hasn’t had generations of propaganda to legitimize legal slavery, can offer critical insights

• Of course, we’ve got a few stories for our segment “the slave catcher chronicles”. Too damned many to be honest. It’s always too damned many.

• I also want to rant a little if you don’t mind. Just a little about what being an abolitionist ally means and why it is so critical to call slavery by its rightful name.

• Then, if time allows, we want to cover an article and upcoming book about The Last Slave Ship Survivor Gave an Interview in the 1930s. It Just Surfaced

In direct action news

• Again, We want to remind you about a Call for a #Juneteenth 2018 Mobilization Against Prison Slavery from SPARC This year. Supporters of #OperationPUSH, are calling on all opponents of mass incarceration and modern-day slavery internationally to honor the Juneteenth holiday (Tuesday, June 19, 2018) with community organizing and direct action.

• Another reminder. A NATIONWIDE prison slave labor work strike is being called for on August 21st. I have been informed that Angola Prison has already begun. If you know someone inside, tell them what’s going on.

• In honor of his birthday, Our abolitionist in profile tonight is John Brown. (1800–1859)

• Our Riders of the 21st-century Underground Railroad are Gregory Counts and VanDyke Perry.
With the consent of the District Attorney’s Office, a New York County Supreme Court judge vacated their convictions for a 1991 gang-rape that the complainant now acknowledges never occurred. The two men served a combined 36 years for a crime that never occurred.

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