BTR News: Trump and Netanyahu’s Naked Aggression Against Iran & Syria

BTR News – The United States is on a path of destruction that could result in a tremendous loss of life after President Donald Trump skipped out the nuclear treaty with Iran to limit its uranium enrichment production that could be used to produce a nuclear weapon. The other nations part of the treaty include Russia, China, The UK, France, Germany and the European Union and despite Trump’s threats against the nations, all have indicated they will continue to honor the treaty thus isolating the United States.

All the nations party to the agreement and the Atomic Watchdog agency have said that Iran is adhering to the agreement but that doesn’t matter to the Trump administration citing some secret intelligence from the Israelis who certainly don’t have a motive to lie about the activities of its arch-rival Iran. Speaking of Israel, an Israeli official is quoted as saying that they preferred ISIS, a terrorist group active in Syria, defeats the Assad government and threatened to attack Syria and topple its government if Iran retaliates against Israel for blatant attacks on Iranian troops invited into Syria to assist with eliminating ISIS.

Ever since John Bolton became Trump’s national security adviser, the notorious chicken-hawk who has acted as an agent of Israel betraying the Bush administration on the issue of a two-state solution for Palestine and Israel, the Trump administration has become even more hostile in its foreign policy. It is clear the Trump administration and Israel are the instigators in this drama that could lead to World War III if Iran is attack and its allies uphold their agreements to assist it in defending itself from Trump and Netanyahu’s naked aggression.

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