Blackout Radio with The Dunnz: Selfish Interest VS. Self Interest

Blackout Radio with The Dunnz, focuses on 9 major areas of People Activity. The (9) major areas of People Activity are Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, War/ Counter-War. According to Dr. Neely Fuller Jr, the 9 major areas of People Activity are where “White Supremacists (Racist-Man and Racist-Woman) have (created) a precise-codified way of saying and doing everything.”

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One Reply to “Blackout Radio with The Dunnz: Selfish Interest VS. Self Interest”

  1. Very interesting points made and food for thought but I would suggest checking out New Abolitionists Radio because the majority of people on prison plantations have been convicted for non-violent victimless crimes. While I do agree with the comments of selfishness of “drug dealers” but I don’t think druggies or drug dealers should be put in prison for transactions between consenting adults and then forcing us to pay taxes to warehouse them when the US government is facilitating the drug dealing and drug addiction, think the crack era and the CIA Oliver North Contra connections. I would not be surprised if the CIA or other agencies are behind or facilitating the heroin epidemic, that heroin is getting over here in large quantities from Afghanistan and I don’t think drug cartels are solely behind it. Drug money helps pay for their off the books operations they want to hide from congress and can not get funds for. – Scotty

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