BTR News: Did Fracking In Hawaii Cause Earthquake That Caused Latest Kilauea Volcanic Fissures?

Tonight we will speak to Sean Hunter, a resident of Hawaii who has been looking at the negative impact that fracking has had in Hawaii as power companies are trying to tap into the energy produced by Volcanoes. The recent opening of new volcanic fissures on the Big Island of Hawaii is being blamed by some on the Puna Geothermal facility operated by Nevada based Ormat Technologies which uses a form of fracking to generate electricity. Fracking has long been associated with causing earthquakes and an earthquake is being cited as the cause of Kilauea’s recent activity. cites other incidents that have occurred due to the activities of the Puna Geothermal facility.

When speaking to Mr. Hunter yesterday, he recommended watching the 1965 science fiction film “Crack In The World” that seems to predict disastrous outcomes when man tries to tap into the energy produced by Volcanoes.

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