Is The Pentagon Working On A Program To Develop and Deploy Terminator style “Killer Robots”?

“The US Military revealed its plan to have weaponized robot vehicles fighting its wars around the globe. The Pentagon will spend nearly one billion dollars on robots designed to complement combat troops.” = RT

BTR NEWS – The United States military is said to be designing very troubling robotic weapons to eliminate targets, people, and it could be as easy as programming people’s photographs into facial recognition software.

The exact details of the Pentagon’s futuristic program are classified but one can easily imagine different scenarios using technology and AI software available today and is used in various industries. I presume it is theoretically possible to program prototype robots and/or drones to become the killing machines like visualized in the non-Terminator robotic models found in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines which was released in 2003.

The T-1 Battlefield Robot, also known as T-1 Ground Assault Vehicle, is a fully autonomous Ground Offensive System and the first Terminator class robot and a Hunter-Killer Tank prototype from the movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

AI and facial recognition software could theoretically be used to compose such a lethal robotic combat unit. Right now various law enforcement agencies in the United States, unimpeded by the US Justice Dept, have been deploying Amazon”s facial recognition software by feeding “mug shots” of people police have arrested, the person’s photo regardless of the outcome of their arrests, were included in the photo video database the facial recognition software uses to compare it to images caught on the various surveillance systems deployed across America.

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The field work for facial recognition has been done, despite the moral and legal questions, the US Pentagon could easily go this route and if it does, one could presume it will not be very long till the technology ends up patrolling American cities and towns as US military surplus often ends up in the hands of law enforcement deployed internally against American citizens and residents..

The Pentagon’s goals seem to be promoted as a way to reduce human casualties in the US Armed forces and ultimately replace all human combat footsoldiers and pilots with robots and drones. It seems weird to debate legal and moral questions concerning this technology first presented to the masses in the form of a movie franchise, is closer than ever to become a reality and deployed but that is exactly where we are in 2018.

Video credit: RT America’s Dan Cohen reporting.
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