Fact Check: Juneteenth Is Based On A Lie And Therefore A Stupendous Fraud

Juneteenth is a cultural observance in the United States that is officially recognized in 48 states. Critics argue that while meaning no disrespect to the hundreds of thousand or so who actively take part in local “celebrations” sadly it is based on a widely propagated myth that the United States and the individual coalition of states making up “USA” have at any time in their collective history completely abolished slavery or involuntary servitude.

Critics say large numbers of people supported by government and corporations are helping to continue to play a cruel joke over and over against the memories of the first victims of slavery to which it was told.

A reading of the historical record irrefutably reveals that while private citizens could no longer engage openly in slavery, corporations could contract with the federal and state government for the labor of the millions of recently emancipated victims of slavery who fell then fell victim to the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution which led to Jim Crow laws also known as “Black Codes” and enforced with the intent to practice slavery under the guise of being tough on crime.

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One Reply to “Fact Check: Juneteenth Is Based On A Lie And Therefore A Stupendous Fraud”

  1. If the Emancipation Proclamation is a fraud that would also mean the Civil Rights Movement fall into the same category. Furthermore it has come to my attention that our Gold Fringe military flag indicates that we are not a Nation and there is no Constitution which means that we are all debt slaves. All one has to do is to refer to the dollar bill; this note is legal tender for all public and private debt.

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