Pre-Intercoms: Linking Back w/ Bro Kevin, Organizing Inside & Out Pt. 3

‘Intercoms’ is still as yet a work-in-progress, aiming to launch live & in full before this fall. These ‘pre-Intercoms’ installments are pre-recorded interviews around prison slavery and its ramifications today.

We reconnect with Bro Kevin after a couple months in this third part of the ‘Organizing Inside & Out’ series. Peep how Bro Kevin’s post-release treatment by ‘outside overseers’ precisely mirrors the backward corruptness of the inside.

‘It’s little situations like this that need to be thrown up because there’s like laws placed into this messed up country that we live in, but the ones that govern the laws are the ones that’s not followin it.’

You can circle back to Pts. 1 & 2 here:

Following up w/ Pt. 4 soon.

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