Pre-Intercoms: Organizing Inside & Out Pt. 4: Bro Kevin On Inside Labor & ‘Slaverbucks’

‘Intercoms’ is still as yet a work-in-progress, aiming to launch live & in full before this fall. These ‘pre-Intercoms’ installments are pre-recorded interviews around prison slavery and its ramifications today.

In Pt. 4 of ‘Organizing Inside & Out’ series, Bro Kevin shares his experiences and observations around inside labor practices. We discuss the cycle of exploitation involved in this foul enterprise and highlight some of the parties guilty of perpetuating it.

‘It’s not like you can say “Ah, I’m not working today,’ and then you get fired.  There’s no firing in these programs.  If you don’t work, you go into solitary confinement.  And when you come out of solitary confinement—you go back to work.

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