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When a system abuse any of its’ people, the laws and constitution that maintain the system are incorrect.

These same laws and constitution will be correct in a system of Justice.

Justice meaning the individual guarantees no one is mistreated and who needs help the most receives the most constructive help.

Given such a Sophisticated Gadget as this Human Mechanism, do you agree it is more complex than space craft? Yes! Such an interesting Gadget, have you read the User Manual?

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Book Store For Justice Evaluate https://democracyversusjus.wixsite.com/bookstoreforjustice

Begin looking at things from a different perspective. How do we see things?

In a normal eye, the light rays come to a sharp focusing point on the Retina. The Retina functions more like the film in a camera.

The Retina receives the image that the Cornea focuses through the eyes’  internal lens and transforms the image into electrical impulses that are sensitive to light.

Your Retina is in the very back of the eye. It holds millions of cells that are sensitive to light. The retina takes the light the eye receives and changes it into nerve  signals so the brain understand what the eye is seeing.

The point is, we are experiencing everything (The World) from within.                                                                               A system of Justice will be better than what is.

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