New Abolitionists Radio: Is Prison Abolition The Same Thing As Slavery Abolition?

Today is the August, 29th, 2018 live broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio with hosts Scotty T Reid and Max Parthas and we are 9 days into the international prison strike to end modern day slavery.

• We have a special broadcast planned today. A discussion between prison and slavery abolitionists. A much-needed conversation among front-line warriors and elders trying to get on the same page so we can win this fight together. What is prison abolition? What is slavery abolition? What’s the difference? It’s on tonight’s menu of knowledge and understanding. Be sure to tune into this must hear the broadcast.

Our guests in this discussion will be Prison Abolitionists Michael Vinson and Mama Khandi. Afrikan Sekere Art by Mama Khandi

Michael Vinson is a former pre-trial detainee and member of the Central Ohio IWOC. His most recent article called, “Ohio Prison Update: The Neighborhood Safety, Drug Treatment, and Rehabilitation Amendment”, exposes the reformist nature of a multi-million dollar ballot initiative aiming to liberate captives convicted of non-violent drug-related charges at the expense of criminalizing those who fall outside this narrow parameter.

Mama Khandi is a Wachitaw citizen, a Pan Afrikanist Congress of Azania member, an All Afrikan People’s Revolutionary Party member and a conscious citizen of the Provisional Government Republic of New Africa. Mama Khandi is the author of various articles including the “Mental Maladjustment of the Afrikan Personality”, the “Demystification of the Psychopathic Racial Behavior” and a book analysis called “Mumia Abu Jamal: Cultural Imperialism and The KKKourts”

On and near this day in history.

• On August, 29th, in 1533: Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro executed Atahuallpa, (atta who allpa) the last Incan emperor. 180 Spanish conquistadors led by Pizarro destroyed the civilization. After winning Emperor Atahuallpa’s trust, Pizarro laid an ambush for the Inca leader and his army. Buckling under an assault by the terrifying Spanish artillery and cavalry, thousands of Incas were slaughtered. Pizarro imprisoned Atahuallpa, exacted a room full of gold as ransom for his life, and then treacherously executed him.

• Also, On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast. In addition to bringing devastation to the New Orleans area, the hurricane caused damage along the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama, as well as other parts of Louisiana. At least 5 policemen were convicted for racially targeting and murdering black residents during the aftermath of The Danziger Bridge shootings.

• Lastly, on August 28, in 1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

Direct action news…

Needs your support. It is a nationwide campaign being initiated by people currently confined in the United States. This campaign grew out of the August 21 National Prison Strike Demands, specifically, point #10: The voting rights of all confined citizens serving prison sentences, pretrial detainees, and so-called “ex-felons” must be counted. Representation is demanded.


• Our Abolitionists in profile tonight is Staunch Jewish abolitionist August Bondi, who fought alongside John Brown in Kansas. (July 21, 1833, Vienna, Austria – 1907, Leavenworth, Kansas)

• Our Rider of the 21st-century Underground Railroad today is Johnny Edward Tall Bear, A member of Iowa Tribe, who was Exonerated in June of 2018 After Serving 26 Years in prison for a Murder DNA Evidence Proves He Did not Commit.

As always, we have a little time and a lot to cover.
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New Abolitionists Radio is an award-winning weekly radio broadcast and podcast series started in 2012 to bring awareness to legalized slavery and human trafficking in the United States which is inadequately referred to as “mass incarceration”.

The 13th Amendment of the US Consitution did end slavery when it carves out the exception clause that led directly to Jim Crow laws across the country, primarily in the South to target the  large African-American populations the vast majority who were formerly enslaved and put them into what became known as the convict leasing system which is still in practice in less barbaric ways than in the 1800s. Because of the 13th Amendment, all persons of every age, sex, gender, race, religion or national origin can legally become of slaves regardless of guilt or innocence.

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