Justice Radio Station: What Does Mental Liberation Mean To You? Self Determination, Freedom, Truth, Justice(no one mistreated) or Integrating Into A Burning House (Mistreatment System)? BLACK AUGUST, Month of Divine Justice!

 NOW remembering, being aware, knowing our, your Orientation.

Orientation, relative position of something or someone especially ones’ Self.

Our surroundings provide clues to help with orientation.

Individuals create the Whole. To Independently (Individually) Unite One must Answer: Who Am I? What Am I?

Where Am I? 

History teaches about people taken from their homeland, given false identities and beliefs. Given false Identities-American, Colored, African American, West Indian, Jamaican, Jamerican, Dominican, Caribbean etc

.What are the governing practices (Central Theme) of where you are for the last “200 years”? Deception? Domination? Control?        

      Are we really who we are taught to be?

To answer, Zero Out (clear your mind), get rid of false beliefs and ideas.

Change your values, reason for living (Meta Physics).

Have a Definite Major Purpose.    

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