Aug. 21 Nat’l Prison Strike Launch Noise Demo Outside Brooklyn’s MDC

(Shouts to Ash Agony for photo)

‘Intercoms’ is a work-in-progress series, aiming to launch live in the near future. These ‘Pre-Intercoms’ installments are pre-recorded interviews around 13th amendment-sanctioned prison slavery, its ramifications & organizing efforts against it.

In this discussion we check in with Shannon Jones (Bronxites for NYPD Accountability/’Why Accountability’, Stop the Raids Coalition) and Amrit Trewn (Black Youth Project-100, Stop the Raids Coalition) around the historic Aug. 21st Nationwide Prison Strike, the noise demonstration which took place in Brooklyn in solidarity with the strike and the racialized realities of organizing in the context of contemporary u.s. prison slavery.

‘…when we’re dealing with Black Liberation issues that contain many caucasians or Europeans in the space, power dynamics are always at issue.’

‘…it needed some sazon on it.[…]It was up to the Black & Browns to really put the…flavor on the demonstration.’ -Sis Shannon

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