New Abolitionists Radio: The Crossroads of Confusion Concerning Slavery In The USA

Today is the September 19th, 2018 live broadcast of New Abolitionists Radio with hosts Scotty T Reid and Max Parthas.

• Tonight, we conclude our 4-part series discussing the various narratives vying for control during the #PrisonStrike2018.
We’ve talked with representatives of Prison Abolition. With The father of Prison Slavery Abolition. With Expert Criminal Justice Reformists. Tonight, we’ll go over it all. What we learned, heard, said and think. Our guests during this series and callers are welcome to participate and share your insight on the issue. We’ll call this ‘The Wrap Up’.

On and near this day in history.

• On September 17, 1849, Harriet Tubman (Araminta Ross) and her brothers, Ben and Henry, escaped from slavery
Once they had left, Tubman’s brothers had second thoughts. Ben may have just become a father. The two men went back, forcing Tubman to return with them.
Soon afterward, Tubman escaped again, this time without her brothers and successfully. september-17-1849-harriet-tubman-briefly-escapes-from-slavery/

• September 20, 1830
The first National Convention for Free Men agrees to boycott slave-produced goods. This first documented convention was held at Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church in Philadelphia in September 1830. Delegates to this convention discussed the prospect of emigrating to Canada to find refuge from the harsh fugitive slave laws and violent oppression under which they lived in the United States.

• This past Saturday, September 15th, was the 55th anniversary of the bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. Killing Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley and two young boys killed shortly after the bombing, Johnny Robinson Jr. and Virgil Ware. All children.

In direct action news.

Needs your support. It is a nationwide campaign being initiated by people currently confined in the United States. This campaign grew out of the August 21 National Prison Strike Demands, specifically, point #10: The voting rights of all confined citizens serving prison sentences, pretrial detainees, and so-called “ex-felons” must be counted. Representation is demanded.


• Then also, remember to Vote Amendment A in Colorado to remove the exception clause to slavery from the state constitution.,_Removal_of_Exception_to_Slavery_Prohibition_for_Criminals_Amendment_(2018)

• Our Abolitionists in profile tonight is David Walker
1796 – 1830. Author of David Walker’s Appeal. . . , a document that has been described as “for a brief and terrifying moment. . ., the most notorious document in America.”

• Our Rider of the 21st-century Underground Railroad today is Timmy Duke. Timmy spent nearly 30 years in prison with 60 to go for a burglary charge that happened while he was in jail.
On January 23, 2018, Duke was released from prison. He was granted parole on the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle conviction and was granted bond on the burglary charge.

As always, we have a little time and a lot to cover.
Today is dedicated to discovery and understanding during a time of confusion.
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New Abolitionists Radio is an award-winning weekly radio broadcast and podcast series started in 2012 to bring awareness to legalized slavery and human trafficking in the United States which is inadequately referred to as “mass incarceration”.

The 13th Amendment of the US Consitution did end slavery when it carves out the exception clause that led directly to Jim Crow laws across the country, primarily in the South to target the  large African-American populations the vast majority who were formerly enslaved and put them into what became known as the convict leasing system which is still in practice in less barbaric ways than in the 1800s. Because of the 13th Amendment, all persons of every age, sex, gender, race, religion or national origin can legally become of slaves regardless of guilt or innocence.



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