Video: Black Male Has His MAGA Hat Snatched By A White Male In The Twilight Zone

White Man Smacks the MAGA Hat Off Black Man's Head

White man smacks the MAGA hat off Black Man's head in Starbucks

Posted by Atlanta Black Star on Thursday, October 25, 2018

You are sitting in a restaurant waiting on your order when in walks a black man wearing a Donald Trump MAGA hat who isn’t Kanye West. To your bewilderment, a white man walks up to the MAGA hat wearing Black man not named Kanye and aggressively confronts him over his support of Donald Trump and his choice of fashion apparel.

After asking the black man “what has Trump done for you” and getting a non-answer and then challenged to do something about the hat, the white man snatches the MAGA hat off the black man, tosses it to the floor and you realize that you just entered into another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!

In all seriousness, while amusing, it is not ok under any circumstance for anyone to intrude on the rights of another person to wear whatever clothing they want to wear to express their views no matter how ignorant. Asking questions is cool but to disrespect, anyone in this manner is not cool even if they are showing a lack of respect for themselves.

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2 Replies to “Video: Black Male Has His MAGA Hat Snatched By A White Male In The Twilight Zone”

    1. The video posted is from Atlanta Black Star’s FB account. Snopes insinuation that it was obviously staged is a matter of opinion. Perhaps those who follow the Instagram account where it was originally posted might have had a clue but anyone just viewing the video on the many places it was reposted would not have known. It seemed funny and improbable to me and why I wrote it up as a joke making reference to the Twilight Zone’s intro. I also don’t know what they mean by “miscaptioned”. Either they can verify its fake or they can’t which they say they have not talked to the original poster to confirm either way. Thanks for the heads up all the same.

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