New Abolitionists Radio: Open Panel Discussion On Prisoner Voting Rights & Prison Gerrymandering

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Tonight we will have an open discussion on the issue of US citizens retaining the right to vote even when incarcerated. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, one of two states (Maine) which are predominately white, that allow prisoners to vote from behind bars, has opened up the door to a national conversation on the issue. Just to remind our listeners, voting was among the demands made by prisoners in the 2018 national prison strike. Whether you are for or against prisoner’s voting, we want everyone to participate in the discussion on the issue before it gets buried by the corporate media and with the US Census right around the corner, we need to be aware of the issue of prison gerrymandering.

“There are many ways to hijack political power. One of them is to draw state or city legislative districts around large prisons — and pretend that the inmates are legitimate constituents.” – Brent Staples, Prison Gerrymandering Project

The panel will be joined by guest speaker Rory Fleming, an attorney activist advocating for progressive policies in the criminal justice system and an expert on related legal issues. He is currently a Communications Specialist at National Network for Safe Communities which seeks to reduce violence, minimize arrest & incarceration and strengthen relationships between law enforcement & communities.

New Abolitionists Radio is a collaborative effort between the non-profit organizations Prison Streetz Talk Ministries and the Black Talk Media Project. It is hosted by Taison McCollum, Mother Khadija, Maxwell Melvins with contributions from the producer Scotty T. Reid. New Abolitionists Radio broadcast Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on the Black Talk Radio Network digital radio station.

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