Justice Radio Station: Mistik Mixx-Orientation of Relative Reality Orientation!

Greetings Everyone, Thanks for your encouragement, mostly your application of self help management. As more individuals use self help management as a code of constructive thought, speech, action the results will be a  “collective” effort creating pleasantness within, pleasantness all around.

In Context of All History being a current event, knowing all individuals are reacting, regurgitating responding with mistreatment beliefs of someone else.

Is there another way to look at things? It is evident many set and achieve short term, long term goals where the central theme is making money, marriage, career, becoming a magician, etc. Is there another way to look at things? For instance, what is your Life Goal and Central Theme?

How familiar are you with the term Orientation?

Orientation, relative position of something or someone, especially ones’ Self. The childs’ surroundings provide clues to help with orientation. (Everyone is a child of someone)

Relative reality is the state most individuals are caught up in. Relative reality is an illusion. It exists only in our Mind.

The Mind is the first broadcasting station and receiving set for the vibration of thoughts.

The mind is that which judges the various experiences we face at every moment. In a world created out of a combination of dense and subtle energy and various states of consciousness it is necessary to have an instrument that discern and discriminate between hot, cold, here, there, good, evil in order to carry out the affairs of life. This process of discrimination is what causes the appearance of distinct and different objects and situations.

Therefore the process of discrimination is a dualizing process where out of the one Reality Energy, there seems to be “many realities”.

From this standpoint of apparent duality, the idea arise that we are separate “thinking” individuals and we are also separate from the universe.

Analyze, Evaluate, Question is what I am taught Real? Is what I am taught Truth?


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