Justice Radio Station: Mistik Mixx-Relative Reality Orientation

Greetings Scotty Reid, Black Talk Radio Network, Right On! Right On!

Welcome Everyone! How are things?

Justice Radio Station is here as a tool of Well Being for the Individual.

As many know, the power within to change what appears to be our circumstances, One Possess Already.

Being here as a reminder, is the assignment my person is carrying out.

Due to the appearance of being born on a planet into a Socialization Process where the Psychological Rationalization for a Society was (is) to Treat some and Mistreat some; Checking the Final Analysis -Everyone is being mistreated due to Lack of Self Knowledge, Deception about Existence, Not Understanding Nature and Structure of this wonderful ‘Human’ Mechanism. This human mechanism, more sophisticated than space craft right? Right! Have you read the User Manual?

Thanks Kindly for Listening, Reading, Being who the ‘I’ is who everyone refer to as SELF.

Stay aware of the idea “Everything is One” and the wisdom in what is being said.Power within is who and what the ‘I’ is.

Continue being aware of SELF(subtle energy)-Absolute Truth, as one carry out daily activities within Orientation of Relative Reality.

Thanks for visiting


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