New Abolitionists Radio: Mr. Five Mualimm-Ak of Incarcerated Nation Corp

Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio we will have special guest, Co-Founder/CEO, Mr. Five Mualimm-Ak {Incarcerated Nation Corp.} We will discuss issues related to prison slavery and felony disenfranchisement in the United States.

Five Mualimm-Ak is a 2016 Columbia Unversity Justice in Education scholar. Born in Ethiopia Five served 12 years incarcerated with several years in solitary confinement. Since his return to society Five has worked against state-sanctioned torture. He is a member of OPCAT the U.N Optical Protocol on Torture and is a member of the Anti- Torture Initiative both founded at the United Nations.

He is a Human Rights Defender with the ACLU & a Human Rights Ambassador for T’ruah a rabbinical call for Justice with Human Rights Watch. Five has co-founder many projects & organizations that serve those directly impacted by incarceration. After running several years of founding youth development programs five now trains Young Credible Messengers at The New Schools Institute for Transformative Mentoring (ITM), Center for New York City Affairs and is the Director of Youth And family Development at Exodus Transitional Community Services,

Five’s work to end solitary confinement has reached national impact, In January 2016 the 44th president Barack Obama answered his petition with fusion media to bring an end to children in solitary confinement within the federal system. Currently, Five Mualimm-ak still works to produce films, TV segments, & educational events that reveal the conditions of confinement & the collateral consequences of mass incarceration for millions of people.

Check out: Incarcerated Nation – #WEmakeCHANGE

On Twitter @MrFiveInc

New Abolitionists Radio is hosted by former prisoner Taison McCollum, activist Mother Khadija of Prison Streetz Talk Ministries, a former prisoner and Grammy-nominated music artist Maxwell Melvins of the Lifer’s Group, and Black Talk Radio Network founder Scotty T. Reid

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