Justice Radio Station: Mistik Mixx- “Child of a Slave”

Thanks for the Opportunity Scotty Reid, Black Talk Radio Network, RIGHT ON!

 A “Slave” is not Born. A “Slave” is an individual, An Individual who is Exploited, Dominated, Controlled through Ideology, Social Practice, Individual Participation. Example: Today, Now, Everyone is a “Debt Slave” in a Eurocentric Universal Mistreatment Socialization Process.

 Most individuals getting ready to celebrate Independence. Using words that reveal truth to produce correctness, well-being –The only thing to counter and replace, repeal, replace the Eurocentric universal mistreatment socialization process is Absolute Truth –Justice. What is Truth, what is Justice? 

 One may recognize there is no working definition of Truth, no working definition of Justice. Justice –Compensatory definition means -The Individual guarantees no one is mistreated, including the individual.

Recognize the current environment started with an ideology,  established socially, Individually Maintained, now in Refinement stage– always establishing, maintaining, refining.

Recognize Everyone is a Debt Slave –Perpetual Consumer, even if it is trying something just once.

 Only thing to Counter Universal Eurocentric Mistreatment Socialization Process is Absolute Truth. What is Truth? Truth is Absolute, not an opinion, belief, faith or hope. What is Absolute, unquestionable is I Am here now.

 I am means existence exist, there is awareness of existence, that awareness is I. Existence is infinite, eternal, complete. That which is eternal, complete, infinite is I Am.

 To the Individual, the Human, the Mind there appears to be many individuals separate and apart. Who is the “I” everyone refer to as Self?

 With Talk of the Day being Pettiness, Race Mind, Lack of Knowledge of Self. It appears the Peaceful, Well-Being, Prosperous environment , universe will never be.

 It appears we are born on a planet into a socialization process with words already in place. In a social process that can be described as a universal sick care system where everyone listen, accept, regurgitate and defend mistreatment in one way or another. Question everything taught to believe, such as going along with identities given.

Example: My Not Self (will talk more about soon). My Not Self, person, human, individual called Doretha Mary OF 13TH COLONY GEORGIA, now know there is only one power, truth. I Am That.

A “Slave” is not born.                                                                How ironic (deceptive), that there are descendants of ”Slaves” (Individuals labeled as Black, from Africa). Where are THE DESCENDANTS OF SLAVE MAKERS? why is there no mention of Descendants of Slave Makers, Slave Owners, Slave Masters? All one and the same.

Not talking about any one particular talking to everyone.

            Three Big Things to Remember

  1. Everyone is participating in a universal Eurocentric mistreatment socialization process Daily.

To counter this mistreatment start with this one (You).

 Revisit idea about knowledge of Self. In Absolute Reality there is One Power-Truth    One Existence –Truth

 In Relative Reality (Physical environment) there appears to be many individuals. Know there are many Personas, One Truth. One Power.

Transcend Physical Relative Reality, Live within Absolute Reality –Truth. Assert the Self Deny the Not Self. This is the struggle to overcome. Minimize your eating, sleeping, sexing. Always doing and saying what is constructive.  This is how Peace is Maintained, the Goal of Life, Existence, Truth. 


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