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BTR News: Confederate Contractor Rejected, Warren’s American Values, Harris’s Desegregation Story

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BTR News – A video has gone viral of a Black woman rejecting the services of a Confederate contractor who pulled up to her home with an oversized confederate flag flying from the back of his trailer. Her response was textbook anti-racism codification.

Referencing photos migrants and asylum seekers in facilities at the southern border, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted that “human beings” were packed in like animals and that it went against “American Values” but is it? Recall that time when Sen. Kamala Harris was California’s AG and her lawyers argued against easing overcrowding?

Speaking of Sen. Harris, yesterday we looked at ADOS Antonio Moore’s claim that Kamala Harris “lied by omission” and suggested she led desegregation in Berkeley, California, public schools. Yesterday we showed where that was a false claim Harris never made but what she did say was she was part of the 2nd class of bussed students. However, after the false claims about what Harris said during the recent debates circulated online, Politifact examined her actual claim of being in that 2nd class.

Lastly, Trump is planning a really big military show for 4th of July celebrations in Washington, DC.

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