New Abolitionists Radio – Wrongful Targeting & Enslavement, Past & Present Victims

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On tonight’s broadcast, the regular panel has the night off but our abolitionists comrade Tag will help to facilitate a conversation with activists and victims around the wrongful convictions of victims of the US modern system of slavery and how certain people are targeted for prison enslavement, sometimes because of their advocacy for the human rights of oppressed people or simply because they ran into a slave catcher intent on getting someone locked up.

Guest speakers:

Al-Fatah & Kendra (on trial right now on wrongful charges) (IWW/IWOC)
fundraising page:

Bro Jihad (National Jericho Movement)

Kelly (It’s Up to Us to End Mass Incarceration.)
link to group’s fb page & call to action for their comrade:…

Download ‘It’s Up to Us Newsletter’ w/ phone blitz details, script and contact info

Sophia (Campaign to Bring Mumia Home) 
Here is the Mumia Health Petition:

Sis Basir (Mother of Sirajaddin, incarcerated wrongfully in Indiana)
Sis Basir’s P.O. Box Info:
PO BOX # 1523
BRONX, NY, 10451

Bailey (iwoc-nyc)
iwoc-nyc fundraising page link:

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