New Abolitionists Radio: Rep. John Lewis Minimizes Mass Incarceration With A Respectability Tweet #GoodTrouble

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Rep John Lewis, Democrat (D-GA 5th District) since 1987, has a long history in the US Congress. During that long history, he has voted against crime legislation that if he had voted for would have put him on the wrong side of history today on the issue.

Ronald Reagan was president in 1987 when Lewis came into office. the President who followed a model to criminalize Black and brown people left to him by former President Nixon. Regan increased funding for the Drug War which is really a front to mask disenfranchisement of the non-white communities through criminalization.

Former vice-president Joe Biden who is currently running for President of the USA is currently under fire for authoring the next wave of legislation following Reagan meant to fill prisons, private and state, with non-white people, modern-day slavery under the 13th Amendment. Rep. John Lewis did vote against that legislation known as the Crime Bill of 94. Biden was among those Democrats who provided support and votes for the Clinton Administration’s Crime Bill often cited as the era of the most dramatic increase in prison slavery. He is likely to get Lewis’s endorsement if he stays in a contested Democratic primary. Of course, in 2016 he endorsed Hillary Clinton over fellow civil rights activist named Bernie Sanders. Not only did Lewis endorse Clinton over Sanders, but he also suggested that Sanders wasn’t in the streets and protesting against racist laws.

As people are looking at images of children in immigration detention facilities, both public and privately owned and getting rightly outraged of the inhumane treatment and conditions, people should ask themselves why a majority of voters have ignored the same conditions in the prisons and jails that hold US citizens by the millions?

Its open forum tonight but will start off with a discussion about whether or not representatives like John Lewis who while not personally voting for the legislation still endorsed people for President who like Joe Biden, worked with Republicans to create the largest prison population on Planet Earth.

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