NA Radio: Child’s Dodgeball Assault Case, Dallas Cops Kill Man Who Asked For Help, Private Prison Slaver’s Want Help

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Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio, tune in for a rundown of just a few of the stories that are symptoms of a corrupt inhumane system exploiting human beings for profit which is slavery.

In The News…

A 10-year-old boy was charged in juvenile court with assault by Wayne County prosecutors after it was alleged he intentionally hit a boy in the face during a game of dodge ball that resulted in another child suffering serious injuries because of a rare medical condition. Those charges have been dropped after public outcry which noted the racial factors in a system practicing racism in school districts across the USA.

Video has been released that shows Dallas slave catchers choked a man out till he was unconscious despite his pleas telling the cops that “You’re going to kill me”. A grand jury did the right thing and indicted the officers but after medical examiners refused to cooperate in the prosecution, the DA’s office dropped the charges.

In the video, the cops can be heard cracking jokes and mocking 32 yr-old Tony Timpa as he lay unresponsive after a controversial restraint was used on him.

The enslavement for-profit related to Trump’s immigration policies continues to expand and people continue to profit off the injustice being perpetrated against non-white people seeking asylum in the USA, the majority from nations that the US has meddled in from overthrowing democratically elected “socialist” presidents in Hundorus and forcing others to adhere to the US-backed Drug War which has empowered brutal and vicious drug cartels in Mexico. The Trump administration is continuing its child separation policy and has awarded a 3.9 million dollar contract to New Horizon Group Home LLC to house 72 migrant children. New Horizon Group Home LLC had been shut down last year by North Carolina officials.

Speaking of Trump’s immigration policies, private prison profiteer the GEO Group is facing federal human trafficking lawsuits and want the federal government to pay for their legal fees to defend themselves in court. Betsy Woodruff reports, “Over the last five years, a series of people formerly held in GEO Group’s private immigration detention centers have sued the company over a work program. They allege that the company forces detainees to do manual labor for $1 a day (sometimes less) and has punished detainees who refuse with solitary confinement. Half a dozen suits are challenging the work programs and seeking damages for detainees from GEO and CoreCivic, another private prison company. They allege that the programs break a landmark law against human trafficking.”

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