Thanks Kindly for listening,calling and emails. Input are Voices Heard for Well Being!

It is a Political, Social, Economic Necessity to keep the society, system, socialization process as is. A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.

As an Individual Attempt to look at things another way to counter the unjust, mistreatment socialization process everyone is being deceived in.Not to stop what one is doing. Include in goal setting Independent Study. Check for Mr. Neely Fuller Jr.

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As more Individuals say and do what is constructive the results will be a society, system of JUSTICE, where THE INDIVIDUAL GUARANTEE NO ONE IS MISTREATED, INCLUDING THE INDIVIDUAL.

With all that we have existence, life, things, we don’t have JUSTICE. Which is the basic thing to be had to give value to all that we have.

To change circumstances Be with Justice Radio Station-Black Talk Radio Network. Experience the NOW, Together!

For this to happen have a Mental Revolution-Meta Physical: Change Perceptions,Values,Reason for living, Goals for Life. This will take a bit of SELF Knowledge no matter how painful. We are not in a Democracy as taught.


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