Man Flees Court Is Killed & Witness Accuse Police Of Lying About The Circumstances

By Scotty T Reid – In a police shooting case that thus far has escaped nationwide attention thus for a quick blurb, local activists and the deceased’s family are claiming that this is another egregious example of an unarmed person being killed and law enforcement going into cover-up mode. 34-year-old Darren Williams, of Chester, Pennsylvania was killed in the parking lot of the Delaware County District Court on June 28, 2019, after being arraigned on criminal charges. Constables alleged the father of two pushed his way out of a cell to make a break for it.

Law enforcement officials say that while in the parking lot, Williams took a swing at a Trainer police officer and pushed him to the ground. According to the District Attorney, a constable then tased Williams, with no effect. They say that while they were on the ground, Williams was able to grab the officer’s gun and ended up shooting himself

During the struggle, police allege that Williams appeared to have accidentally shot himself in the stomach and the constable shot him twice in the back.

However, a witness who was interviewed by CBS Philly on the scene of the shooting after it happened, stated to the reporter that the police are lying about the circumstances and that the “black man” was restrained when he was shot and she said that Mr. Williams never reached for nor possessed a gun.

Williams was being arraigned on DUI, drug charges, resisting arrest, and other related charges following a traffic stop during which he was driving a stolen vehicle. Authorities are also claiming that he also had two active warrants related to threatening to kill two people.

There are no updates available at this time on whether the authorities plan to do any further investigation into the shooting of Mr. Williams, the circumstance being in dispute. There is no indication that there is a body camera footage of the interaction.

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