Shouts and Screams Heard Coming From Jeffery Epstein’s Cell Suggesting Apparent Murder

By Scotty T. Reid – According to an unnamed source familiar with the investigation into the death of Jeffery Epstein, there was “shouting and shrieking” coming from the cell of Jeffery Epstein the morning of his now apparent murder according to CBS News.

Since the morning of August 10th when Epstein was found dead in his jail cell awaiting trial, wild speculation has been associated with the case and was to be expected given the high profile of Epstein and the profiles of those in his elite orbit. Another thing that was expected was Epstein not surviving the duration of his pretrial incarceration.

It is true that many powerful people had the motive, according to the case being built against him by the feds, to conspire to have Epstein murdered pre-trial but without any specific evidence against specific individuals is pure conjecture. First thing first, secure the witness/source who heard reportedly heard the screams in hopes leads can be developed for a possible murder investigation. The alleged witness must be put into witness protection as it is evident that prisoners are at risk of death while incarcerated throughout the United States.

Some mainstream outlets have up to this point and some beyond this report of shouting and screaming coming from Epstein’s cell, engaged in premature reporting of suicide. Some articles have been devoid of facts and heavy on the suicide narration offered up by those responsible for keeping Epstein and other inmates safe.

Speculation given the lack of availability of details or things we can call facts, all anyone can do is speculate on what information is available in attempting to logically follow the evidence.   Too much of the mainstream coverage about the case has been unfounded speculation promoting a lazy and hasty “suicide” narrative. In support of their predetermined conclusions, individual reporters unprofessionally and mockingly engaged in gaslighting anyone on social media who was a skeptic of the jail administration’s initial report. The administration of the MCC is known to the locals and national human rights activists and has been the subject of many complaints including a hunger strike during the month of January 2019.

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The coroner in the case has been prematurely talking about the case to the media and admittedly in so many words indicates she is making a presumption of suicide. The coroner is awaiting additional information from law enforcement before finalizing the autopsy report. What possible evidence or information could be missing from “law enforcement” is open to speculation.

At least one unconfirmed report says Epstein was found hanging from a bedsheet affixed to the end of the bed frame. However, one former inmate has stated that the use of a bedsheet is unlikely because the “sheets” are made from paper as a precaution to prisoner’s fashioning a noose. It should also be noted that if Mr. Epstein died from asphyxiation, there have been reported cases of prisoners being strangled to death and having their body staged to suggest a suicide by hanging.

According to Vernon J. Geberth, M.S., M.P.S. a Homicide and Forensic Consultant, one of the common mistakes investigators make is to assume the death was a suicide.

“Mistake#1 Assuming the Case is A Suicide Based on the Initial Report

If the case is reported as a “Suicide,” the police officers who respond as well as the investigators automatically tend to treat the call as a suicide. It is a critical error in thinking to handle the call based on the initial report. The immediate problem is that psychologically one is assuming the death to be a suicide case, when in fact this is a basic death investigation, which could very well turn out to be a homicide. The investigator cannot “assume” anything as a professional law enforcement officer. – The Seven Major Mistakes in Suicide Investigation.

Two guards have been suspended who were charged with checking up on prisoners and accused of falsifying records because they allegedly slept through the scheduled checks because they were tired from all the overtime they had worked. At least one individual in the facility reportedly wasn’t a “regular” jail guard but details are lacking beyond initial reports. The warden, head of the federal jail administration at the MCC, has been reassigned according to reports.

A source told that Jeffrey Epstein told prison guards and fellow inmates that he believed someone had tried to kill him in the weeks before his death, a source has revealed to The first widely reported “suicide attempt” was possibly and likely an assault and was being investigated as both a “suicide attempt and assault”. If the bulk of these sourced details are true, it is likely the public is dealing with an apparent murder case and not an “apparent suicide” as widely promoted by some in the mainstream.

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