JUSTICE RADIO STATION: Mistik Mixx-For Inner Well Being- Three(3) Little Things to Know-A Counter Code for Not Being in a Democracy as Taught

The only time, the only moment we ever really have is NOW.

Confusion now being caused by imagination, memory, beliefs about 400 years of history that everyone is taught. Question everything taught to believe. Is it truth?

For the first time, NOW there is a CODE to Counter being taught that we are in a democracy and we are NOT.

Inner Engineering, managing this one, you the individual with healthy coping skills to counter being taught we are in a democracy and we are not. What is it? There is another way to look at things.

Question everything taught to believe, is it truth? Truth is Absolute not an opinion, belief, faith or hope. What is absolute is I Am Here Now. I Am means existence exist, there is awareness of existence, that awareness is I.

Existence is infinite, eternal, complete. That which is infinite, complete, eternal is I, I Am.

Only one I, I Am knows of it existence. All Presence, All Knowing, All Power, All Action

.(“God”, The Source) alone exist and is all that exist. This is who the I is that everyone refer to as self.

(3) Three Little Things to KNOW!

1.Knowledge of Self and Knowledge of ‘Not Self’

2.Socialization Process (Words, Stereotypes, Beliefs, Fantasies, Myths already in place, before one is born

3.Inner Engineering-Managing Emotions with healthy coping skills to counter not being in a Democracy as taught                                                                                                                          Thanks Kindly, sharing time,space, energy looking at things another way Invest in Justice Radio Station-Receive                                    1st Episode:  Justice,”I Am That!”  https://democracyversusjus.wixsite.com/bookstoreforjustice/justice-i-am-that-digital-download

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