JUSTICE RADIO STATION:MISTIK MIXX-Recognizing Orientation Hoax- New York Times 1619 Project and Rush Limbaugh Predictions, Mr. President – (INTRODUCTION)

How to have an Independently United Compensatory Code System Concept for Constructive Thought, Speech, Action.

Question Everything Taught to Believe. Is this the physical history of Africans, African Americans? 

Where does the SLAVE History Begin? ” Descendants of”?

Question Everything Taught To Believe. Is it Truth? Truth is Absolute, not an opinion, belief, faith or hope. What is Absolute is I Am Here Now.

I Am means Existence Exist, there is Awareness of Existence, that Awareness is I.Existence is Infinite, Eternal, Complete. That which is infinite, Complete, Eternal is I, I Am.

There is only one I, I Am that knows of its’ existence. That I, I Am is All Knowing(Omniscient), All Presence (Omnipresent), All Powerful (Omnipotent), All Action (Omniaction).

Basis of I, I Am Identity is All Knowledge, Presence, Power, Action, Complete, no desire for objects, things, changeless, perfection, now, consciousness, freedom, infinite, eternal, truth, no thought, no body, no reaction, no judgment.

 Know there is only one power, the infinite omnipotent one.

 There appears to be another source, the Universal Unconscious Mind which thinks and can only know limitations and opposition.

Know that my thoughts will always limit me by keeping all knowledge apparently out of my awareness (repression) and make me believe the source of my problems is outside of me (projection). Therefore I should always ask the question in what ways do my thoughts and beliefs limit me?

                    THE HUMAN STORY



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