BTR News: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Targeting 2019 Democratic Primary Candidates


BTR News – In September 2019, I published a podcast questioning whether a Ukranian or an actual Black person who identifies as ADOS was behind a political cartoon that was being circulated on Facebook that was targeting Sen. Bernie Sanders on the issue of reparations. After participating in a discussion with a Twitter friend who was being targeted with vitriol by accounts using the ADOS hashtag, questioning whether or not she was Black. I told her that is rich considering research has shown that white supremacists had adopted the hashtag to further their racist agenda.

I started looking for articles based on that research and came across an article on Media Matters which mentioned Sanders as a target of white supremacists on the 4 Chan message boards. That led me to conclude that the political cartoon I had traced back to a Ukrainian student was likely a Neo-Nazi trying to suppress Black votes for the only Jewish candidate in the race for the Democratic nomination.

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