BTR News: The Racist Media Lynching Of Lebron James Over Hong Kong

BTR News – The racist media lynching of Lebron James has been vicious and amounts to a coordinated mass media attack on his character and attempt to make him be a spokesperson for the US and UK government’s interest in Hong Kong. From left-wing outlets like The Daily Show w/ Trevor Noah, BET’s Black Coffee host Marc Lamont Hill to right-wing outlets like Fox News, the white nationalist “news” platform Breitbart and an assortment of sports-related talk radio, the lynch party out to punish James is very diverse and no less shameful. Details concerning the nature of the protests in Hong Kong have been lacking from most of the media outlets with vague talking points concerning “freedom and democracy” and it took quite a bit of research to find in-depth reporting on the protests which have been ongoing for months despite a major concession by Hong Kong authorities.

What makes the lynch party of Lebron racist is that not a single CEO or Board member of the more than 200 US companies in partnership with China through the US-China Business Council has been called out by name or pressured to come out in support of the Hong Kong protests nor was Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr lynched for saying when he is in China, he isn’t asked by sports reporters about the human rights abuses in the United States.

The saddest part is that groups like Black Lives Matter and black media outlets have not attempted to defend Lebron James from unjust attacks even though James has been one of the most vocal supporters in the NBA against police state violence here in the United States.

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