New Abolitionists Radio: Exploring Bernie Sanders’s Plan To End Slavery Without Amending The US Constitution

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Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio, the first broadcast of 2020, we have an information pack program including a criminal justice case we would like to once again bring to your attention. This podcast was founded as a public awareness tool around the 13th Amendment and how it does not abolish slavery outright but has a provision that creates prison slavery.

While the corporate media pundits on CNN is distracting its viewers with he said / she said conversation two years ago about whether a woman could beat Donald Trump and then MSNBC featuring a Trump-supporting “body language expert” who determined Sanders was lying based on his “turtle” hunchback and other movements. The segment was widely ridiculed on social media.

To date, there has not been one single DNC debate on MSM about prison slavery in the context of criminal justice reform even though there is a historical platform coming from one of the frontrunners that would effectively end prison slavery in the United States and none of the MSM pundits want to ask him about his Prisoner Bill of Rights that would end prison slavery in practice without even having to mount a fight for a constitutional convention to repeal the 13th Amendment’s slavery exception clause.

Not only does Sanders’s historic anti-slavery plans end prison slavery but it frees victims who are in prison over weed convictions. In addition to freeing drug war victims related to cannabis convictions who would have those records expunged, reparations are provided for that class of prison slavery victims in the forms of land grants, business grants, education and a whole range of services to help them get into the cannabis industry. Legalize Weed!

After we explore these proposals we will hear from Sis Raqibah Fatimah Basir the mother and advocate of Sirajuddin Qadir whose says his youth was already stolen from him; he was incarcerated at the age of 15 and endured an outrageous 20-year sentence inside of Georgia’s prison plantations, dispossessed of a normal teenage life. He was finally released in February of 2017. In May of 2018, still homeless and trying to get his bearings outside the prison walls, Sirajuddin was invited by a so-called friend, Cynthia to travel with her to Indiana on a much-needed vacation. Unknown to him, police had already been tracking Cynthia, as well as a number of her friends. Because Sirajuddin was visiting with them at the time of the investigation, the police framed him as an “out of town hitman” in a wildly fabricated narrative.’

You can donate to his fundraiser here.

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