MSNBC & The Washington Post’s Resident Conservative Jennifer Rubin Justifies US Backed Coups To Attack Sanders

By Scotty T. Reid – The neoliberal news outlets MSNBC and Washington Post gives platforms to neoconservative right-wing writers and commentators like Jennifer Rubin who on Twitter is pushing an alternative history that should be flagged as “fake news” where Rubin implies the United States government doesn’t have history of supporting violent coups in Latin American nations to secure its national and corporate interests is completely erased.

Even worse, Rubin could be saying the US government is justified and blameless in funding and training terrorists to overthrow Latin American nations. Some of the crimes committed by Ronald Reagan’s Contras were so heinous you have to wonder why none of them have been tried in an international court for war crimes. Instead, they were given refuge in the United States and one in particular, the daughter grew up to be an anchor on CNN.

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas was given a lot of reminders on Twitter in the reply section of her tweet about her father’s involvement with the Contras who were being illegally funded and assisted by the CIA and the Reagan administration.

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Rubin who writes the “Right Turn” blog at The Washington Post and paid contributor on MSNBC who attended The University of California, Berkeley which is a public research university in Berkeley, California about apparently Rubin did not use its resources to studied US foreign policy in Latin America going as far back as the Monroe Doctrine which aimed to disallowed any nation based in Europe the ability to exploit those nations resources which the US government coveted for itself and US corporate interest.

Democratic presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders discussed US foreign policy in Latin America with Latino Voters last year in Nevada while on the campaign trail. Latino Voters overwhelmingly caucused for Sanders in Nevada delivering Sanders a decisive victory in the quest for convention delegates but somehow Rubin believes the campaign veteran is “digging his own grave”? Based on Sanders thus far capturing the majority of the popular vote in three straight Democratic primaries or caucuses, the only grave digging the Sanders campaign seems to be doing is that of the corporate proxies of the oligarchs who have the party in their clutches and seemingly running the DNC.

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