BTR News: Coronavirus Update & Other News For 3/25/20


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Tune in for news, commentary, music and your calls tonight on BTR News w/ Scotty T Reid.

News & Commentary on …

  • US deemed next Coronavirus epicenter, agrees on $2 trillion dollar stimulus package
  • Coronavirus vs Spanish Flu: Two Pandemics 100 Years Apart Explained
  • Open Letter To Andrew Gillum Calls On Black Men To Support Him, Challenges Media
  • Miami Beach Police to investigate photo leak from Andrew Gillum hotel incident
  • Andrew Gillum Predicts Bernie’s Castro Comments will Allow Biden to Dominate in Florida
  • The Senate has struck a $2 trillion deal on the coronavirus stimulus. Here’s what’s in it
  • Texas’ Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Says U.S. Should Get Back To Work
  • Naples Fire Chief calls on Florida Governor to issue ‘shelter in place’ order
  • CDC says coronavirus RNA found in Princess Cruise ship cabins up to 17 days after passengers left

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