To Be Black In America

LeRon L. Barton: The Talk: What Black Parents Tell Their Children

From Speakers Who Dare

“For some kids, their rite of passage may be attending high-school or getting their first job, but when you are Black, it means something else. In this video, writer LeRon L. Barton discusses “The Talk,” a conversation African-American parents have with their children about what it means to be Black, how growing older may put them at risk, and the realities of racism in our complex world.

LeRon L. Barton is an author, writer, and speaker who talks about race in America. He has written two books and has had numerous essays published about racism, mass incarceration, politics, and dating. LeRon has given talks about race, living with a stutter, overcoming struggles, and the power of telling your story, and provides diversity consulting to companies. LeRon believes that in order to fight racism in America, we have to be honest about it. He insists that we talk about bigotry, learn how it impacts the world we live in, and call it out when we experience it.”

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