BTR News: Financial Author Rahkim Sabree Recommends Wise Use Of Your COVID 19 Stimulus Funds

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In this episode of BTR News, Scotty speaks with Mr. Rahkim Sabree, who is an author, TEDx speaker, cofounder of An Extended Hand, Inc., and personal finance expert Rahkim Sabree who has built a platform of advocacy for financial education in black and brown communities.

Rahkim Sabree grew up in Mount Vernon, NY. He largely attributes his success to his strong support system and belief in “the impossibility of impossibility”. He is the author of Mentorship: The Playbook and Financially Irresponsible both available on Amazon. Rahkim describes himself as a “hybrid-entrepreneur” having a nearly 10 year tenure in the Banking and Financial Services world. For more information on Rahkim visit his website at or follow his social media @RahkimSabree on Instagram and Twitter.


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