BTR News w/ Scotty Reid And Kwabena Rasuli Discuss Spate Of Police Gun Violence Incidents

In this episode of BTR News, Scotty will focus a majority of the program on 3 recent fatal shootings involving police and/or former law enforcement and proposed solutions to reduce fatal police interactions. Kwabena Rasuli of Clear The Airwaves Project which works to reduce the harm of violent lyrical music content on the listening public will join us for a segment to discuss recent and upcoming events.

CBS 4 Indy reports “Federal and independent authorities now play a role in the investigation into the officer-involved shooting of Dreasjon Reed, 21. Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears requested a court-ordered independent prosecutor for the investigation and potential prosecution. Read More.

Ahmaud Arbery was murdered Feb. 23 by two white men in Georgia, a father and son duo of likely white racialists with ties to law enforcement and the criminal justice system of Glynn County. The two suspected terrorists rode Arbery down in a white truck and confronted him with firearms and when Arbery attempted to stand his ground in accordance with state law he was gunned down while attempting to disarm on of his attackers. Read More.

Why did it take so long for a suspect in a murder caught on video to be arrested? Why did it take national media attention for an arrest to be made? A story from the New York Post says a DA blocked cops from making arrests in Ahmaud Arbery shooting. Read More.

The Montgomery County Police Department has released a body-camera video of an officer-involved shooting that left a 30-year-old, knife-wielding man dead. Around 7 p. m. Friday, the department published the 1 minute and 18-second clip on its YouTube channel. As of 5 p. m. Saturday, the video had been viewed more than 100,000 times. Read more.

Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid
Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid
Scotty Reid

Scotty T Reid, founder of the Black Talk Radio Network and Black Talk Media Project, has been a beacon for Black voices since 2008. With his podcast BTR News and the influential New Abolitionists Radio, Scotty delves deep into pressing social and political issues, notably driving changes in the criminal justice system. An unwavering advocate for justice and equality, his work continually sparks crucial conversations and transformative change.

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