BTR News: Susan Rice Uses Russia Conspiracy Hoax To Taint George Floyd Protests

In this episode of BTR News w/ Scotty Reid, Scotty takes a look at reports that former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice claims Russia has a hand in influencing national protests against police violence. This isn’t the first time Rice has been part of a conspiracy to use lies to shape the narrative of unrest occurring anywhere in the world. Rice and other Obama administration officials showed in Libya that they did not care about Black lives.


Susan Rice Blames ‘Foreign Actors’ for Stirring George Floyd Protests: ‘Right Out of the Russian Playbook’

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Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid
Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid
Scotty Reid

A podcast covering social, political and cultural issues in topic as they related to the global Black community and those who identify as being part of a larger African Diaspora.

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