JUSTICE RADIO STATION: As an Individual how, why things are as they Appear. Countering Mistreatment System(Socialization Process based on RACE classifications) is the Work to Be Done.

Greetings All, Be Aware, Preoccupation with matters such as RACE, WARS, CRIME,SOCIAL STATUS, PHYSICAL APPEARANCE And all other intricacies of Human Interactions as we see are manisfestations of limited (ignorant) intellect which has not been able to transcend pettiness of the apparent world conditions in order to see the larger reality.

Human(Psyche) is practical, relative, temporary reality. Deceptive System (Socialization Process) IntroducingTechnology of  Virtual Reality, however the Individual in Government Education System(Socialization Process) is not able to transcend pettiness of Apparent World conditions to see Larger Reality -ABSOLUTE REALITY.

ABSOLUTE REALITY lies beyond apparent differences that seem to exist in the world. Yes, there are practical relative realities in the world to be delt with in ones’ Physical  Existence. These are not to be Accepted as ABSOLUTE REALITIES.

Acceptance of Relative, Practical realities as ASOLUTE REALITY Leads to Bondage to Relative, Practical realities.


Independent Study Self Help Management Curriculum Network JUSTICE RADIO STATION Countering Mistreatment of, Deceptive System (Socialization Process). This is the work to be done.


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