JUSTICE RADIO STATION : HOW IS LOCAL and National JUSTICE BEING PREVENTED? If Declaration of Independence is what it say it is About!

With all the Declaration OF INDEPENDENCE say it is about, where is JUSTICE WITHIN IT?

Declaration of Independence must be Lived BY THE INDIVIDUAL!

Why is local and national justice being prevented?

Remember, the Individual must Produce it.The Individual must Produce Justice.

How is local and national Justice being Prevented? Production of Justice is denied through current Socialization PROCESS using the economical, political, religious, social psychological strategy of RACE classification, designating some chosen, superior (who the inferior must go to  for everything). Question Everything Taught To Believe. Is it a LIE? LIE – AN UNTRUTH. THAT WHICH IS NOT REAL. THAT WHICH CANNOT BE SUPPORTED BY NATURE OR PURE, SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION. FOR EXAMPLE, AMERICAS’ HIGH IDEAL OF “FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL” IS A LIE BECAUSE IT IS NEITHER TRUE NOR REAL AND CANNOT BE SUPPORTED BY SCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION.

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